Are we Python 3 ready?

Python 3 support graph for the most popular VFX packages!

What is this about?

This site shows Python 3 support for the popular packages in VFX production:

  1. Green packages support Python 3;
  2. White packages do not support Python 3 yet.

A package is any substantial part of the VFX pipeline.

Information is out of date, how can I change it?

Please see note in the README for details on how gets updated.

My package is white. What can I do?

There can be many reasons why a package still does not support Python3.

  • If you are package maintainer or a developer, it's time to start porting (if you haven't already). VES Technology Committee and respectable industry leaders maintaining the vfxplatform have been strongly advising to make that commitment for the CY2020 releases. If you are not able to give the time needed, please seek help from the community by writing about it on blogs, forums, twitter, mailing lists, etc.

  • If you are a user of the package, send a friendly note to the package maintainer or software vendor representative.


This is derivative work from py3readiness, a site that tracks general compatibility with Python 3, which in turn is a derivative of, a site that tracks which Python distributions ship the wheel distribution.

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